Restore Your Core 


Restore Your Core In 21 Days Programme. 

Any Of These Sound Familiar?
Experiencing leaks when you Laugh, Sneeze, Cough, Lift or Jump or exercise. 
You need to limit the amount of water, tea/coffee you drink just in case you have an accident.
Lower/middle back pain, weakness and poor posture
Wearing Pads or Patches? 

Accidents are a regular occurrence, you are nearly used to it?
Bringing changes of clothes with you wherever you go.
It Is Time To Stop Putting Up With This Problem
Your Solution Is Here
"Abdominal separation greatly improved and I can feel strength there, that wasn't there before."
Mamalates Is A 21 Day Pilates Specialised Online Program 
By The End Of This Programme Mum’s Have Been Able To
Resume exercise like jogging 

Go days without wearing pads 

Sideline the idea of Surgery entirely 

Decline the offer of surgery having been on a waitlist 

Actually drink your recommended 2 litres of water 

Freedom from worrying about where the nearest toilet is

 Saying goodbye to leaking accidents when out and about.
Jemma Kehoe experience on the program
"I cannot believe the results I am experiencing already in week 2, I'm back running with no accidents"

Are you ready to get started?
Alison Hogan, Expert Fitness & Pilates Instructor
16 years Client Experience
Hi, I’m Alison, I am a mum of four kids aged 7,5 and 1yr old twins. 

I have been delivering Pilates for over 16years now with a special interest in Women's Health, Pelvic Floor and Core.

I have created specialised signature programs for women and I have seen the proven results of pilates for post-natal women and the effect on lower back pain, posture, core strength and urinary & bowel weakness or incontinence.

 I’m now bringing these results to you in the comfort of your home, using my Mamlates Program.

‘I found the Mamalates online programme extremely beneficial and motivating. I have really seen great results from it and I honestly didn’t think I would see them so quickly. The programme was, without a doubt, a perfect buy for me …like most mums, I have so little time to get out and exercise …this was a perfect solution to this problem and I will keep using the videos for sure …Thank you Alison’ GB
What Is In The MamaLates Program
 1. Pilates Specific Training videos
Pilates Specific Training videos delivered each week, that you can follow along with. Using these restorative videos I will bring you through different levels that gently to continue to challenge you throughout the duration of the program
2. Program Ebook 
E-Book outlining the full programme, what to expect, how it works, that you can download and reference any time.
3. Facebook Live Checkins and Q&A
Facebook Live Checkins from Alison to keep you motivated and accountable. Alison also provides Live Q&A sessions.
4. Connect Any Device Anywhere
Connect on any device from anywhere you go, there is always time to do your pilates to help you make sure this is not a problem for life.
5. 21 Day Planner & Tracker
21Day Planner to help you stay on track and support you. 
Symptom Tracker to help you benchmark your starting point, track your progress and allow you to see just how far you have come in only 21 days!
6. Community Support Of Like Minded Women
Community Support with like minded women helping each other to keep going and feel less isolated with a problem that is rarely spoken about. 
7.Video Technique Library 
Full Exercise **Video Technique Library with a breakdown of each individual exercise for you to refer to at any time in the comfort of your home. This library of videos ensures you know exactly how to perform each exercise and exactly what you should be feeling. It shows you how to modify each exercise (if necessary), to make it easier and how to progress each one too! 
8. Screening Questionnaire 
Online Personal Needs Analysis, a questionnaire to screen people to ensure they are suitable for this program.
9. Bonus Tutorials
Bonus additional tutorials to help you even further as you progress over the 21 days to ensure your success on this program. 
10. Access To The Mamalates Program to redo together again and again
To support you even further members from this launch have lifetime access to the membership site.
All the support and motivation for you to stick to it through the 21 days and ensure you get amazing results!
"I Feel So Much Stronger"
MamaLates Restore Your Core Program €197
Value of the Progamme 

* Pilates Specific Training videos value €197 PLUS
* Facebook Live Check-ins, Live Q&A's from Alison and Online Community Support
* E-Book outlining the full programme
* 21Day Planner and Symptom Tracker
* Full Exercise **Video Technique Library to re-watch again and again
* Bonus additional tutorials
* Personal Needs Analysis, a questionnaire to screen people to ensure they are suitable for this program
Green Friday and Shop Local Weekend Offer
Offer Ends Monday 30th November
"Improved posture, less back pain"
Who Is This Program For 
This program is designed for

* New mums who recently had babies in the last year, even if they do not have abdominal separation or incontinence, to rebuild core strength, pelvic floor function and strengthen your body generally to return to regular exercise. 
* Any woman that has had a baby at some stage in their life and never fully recovered their tummy/core/pelvic floor to full strength. 
* Women with abdominal separation, varying degrees.
* Women with back pain 
* Women who have any degree of stress or urge incontinence (poor bladder control/ regular accidents) 

Who Is This Program NOT For 
This program is not suitable for women .....

* Under 10 weeks post C-section.
* Under 6 weeks post vaginal birth without doctors consent. 
* May not be suitable for women with certain pelvic organ prolapse diagnosis, please contact me to discuss. 
* May not be suitable for people with severe back diagnosis, please contact me to discuss. 

"I'm not running to the toilet that much at night, definitely much more control"
What Others Liked About This Program
"Awareness of how bad my actual problem is and an awareness that I can actually change this."
Previous Customers Would Recommend 100% To Family Or Friend
"I've more control, I'm not feeling the need to go to the loo as soon as I start exercise."
Frequently Asked Questions 
Question - What happens after I buy?
You will receive a login with your private link to our private membership area with the program waiting for you to start. You will also receive a link to join our private members only group. 
Question - What if a miss a Facebook Live from Alison 
All of the Live videos are recorded and accessible within the private members area. 
Question - What if I don't complete the program in 21 days, do I remain in the facebook group?
Founding members for this launch only will have continued access to the group after the 21 days. You may not finish the program in 21 days due to life getting in the way, so the program is designed so you can work the program into your life to continue building your core strength over time. 
Question - What if I don't complete the program in 21 days, do I have access to the videos after the 21 days?
Yes you will have access to the videos after the 21 days.
Question - When does the program start?
We kick off on Monday 8th June 2020!
So If you are ready I would love to work closely with you to ensure you really do break free of the restrictions these conditions bring each and every day. I know you will see a vast improvement in these symptoms that impact your quality of life so profoundly. The impact doesn’t just stop with you, they impact your children, partner, family and friends.
So join me and kick off your 21days Monday 8th June 2020
"I first started Pilates when I was 27 weeks pregnant with my third child. I was hoping it would help with the birth and my stomach muscles. I also thought it might help with my pelvic floor muscles even though I thought I was a lost cause.

In my early twenties I got a urinary infection and as a result had sudden urge to urinate and had very little control. When I give birth to my first child I tried to do the exercises but I felt my pelvic floor had been weakened further. When I had my second child I took up jogging to get fit and I realised just how weak my bladder was. On my third pregnancy, it got out of control all altogether. If I coughed or sneezed I would leak and I was constantly conscious not to be far from a toilet at any time. I was resigned to the fact that I would have surgery to rectify the issue after the baby was born, as I felt I was too young to be incontinent.

I started Pilates with Alison and within 5 weeks I couldn’t believe the difference it made to me. For the first time in more than 15 years, I had gained control of my pelvic floor muscles even though the baby was putting further pressure on them. I had learned how they worked and the anxiety of leaking has been alleviated. I will be signing up for postnatal classes and I feel there will be no need for surgery. I have recommended to my few friends who have confided that they have similar issues, and I can’t recommend them highly enough it has helped me so much. I’m very thankful to Alison and I’m raging I didn’t do her Pilates earlier in my life."
Happy Client 
Restore Your Core & Body Function Post Baby
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